Hey Y’all! Kick off your shoes and stay a while!

I’m Erin and I am a scatterbrained country girl living in the city, with serious wanderlust. I’m a DIY-er, a wedding singer, and a sports widow. After three years working in Human Resources, I quit my job to be a full-time mom! I now have 3 boys and my own business.

I am a caucasian, Scots-Irish-American, southern Christian – Go figure. Ask me anything, but be prepared for an honest answer.

Some Things I like:
DIY anything (I think of it as a dare)
Learning new languages
Sneaking kale into meals to see if my husband notices
Spending time with friends & family
A good bottle of Fireball
Teaching my niece dirty words in Gaelic (dirty like ‘mud’ and ‘vomit’, not curse words)
Dancing to Taylor Swift with my nephew
Teaching my littles to play the mandolin and sing Ed Sheeran and Shane & Shane songs

Some Things I don’t like:
The color puce
Getting up early
Takers who are not also givers
Being late

This blog will contain everything from random thoughts that pop into my head, to what I call “therapy writing”. Most of it is fiction, coming from experiences that are not my own, but some of it is my life on a page, so take it at face value.

Thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget your shoes when you leave.


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